“Behind the avowed causes of our acts there undoubtedly lie secret causes that we do not avow, but behind these secret causes there are many others more secret still, of which we ourselves are ignorant.”

Sigmund Freud

I watched this video several times on MTV Europe in Switzerland when I was 15. It plunged into my mind like a cannonball into water, and danced around, creating chambers filled with curiosities, confusion, robust visuals, and blooms and shards of imagination.

It didn’t make sense, and yet something powerful was expressed and I liked it. It’s hard to articulate the irrationality of human behaviour and the mind- so much is stirring and pulling deep inside of us.

Perhaps our dreams reveal our innermost selves, and this is why Bjork used the symbolic archetypes darting in our minds during REM to dramatize human behaviour. We are running, flying, hiding, falling, incubating, dancing, lost in thought, and doing bizarre things. When the inner self is a labyrinth, then the outer self must be one as well.

We are all swimming in the subconscious and irrational. We must embrace it and seek to unravel and dig up what we can.

I thought this video might help students learn more about psychology and the self. Teddy bears are also cool. 🙂