Instructions for blocking websites located in the middle of blog

A few days ago, Will Richardson ranted about Internet filtering at schools, and I agree with him. Officials fear that if school communities (not just students, but staff) are permitted open access on the Internet, there will be a ubiquitous trek of innocent minds to the dark side. Columbine could reoccur.

Creating taboos originates the compulsion to transgress them. When filters are in place at schools, some students feverishly work to bypass them, and they do- or they just use their iPhones. Monitoring is key.

Teaching censorship sends a dangerous message-

Today I wanted to figure out how to block a specific website on my Mac. Why? Perhaps it’s more prudent and empowering to learn how to control ourselves. I’ll just block sites that I personally waste too much time on and teach students this lesson: block the sites that you can’t seem to evade, even though you know you should and wish you could- Easier said than done on a Mac.


I tried using Parent Controls in the System Preferences but discovered they cannot be used on an Administrator account.

I found clear instructions on eHow.


  • When you enter your password in Terminal no characters show up on the screen. When using Sudo commands this happens. It means Sudo is working. Just hit enter and continue.
  • Clean your browser cache and restart your browser. I use OnyX to do this because it performs system maintenance as well.