One of my best friends circulated this video about a month ago.

Email Subject: Get a Tissue.

Body: If you hit mute, it’s way better.

At the time, I was hardly in a state to watch anything emotional and soul-wrenching, so I let it sit in my inbox. I’m so happy that I didn’t flat-out erase it. I watched it this morning, and cried and cried- the good kind of cry.

It made me think of my family and friends, and my animals- the ones I have now, the ones no longer with me, and the animals that I have rescued. It made me reflect upon and feel deep gratitude for the unconditional love and support that I receive from them, and the love they allow me to give to them with open arms.

Love is the force that rescues us from the fate of Schopenhauer’s porcupines. What happens to the quills when there is real love and affection? I think love is so inwards and magnanimous that the quills and squabbles lose relevance- they are forgotten. We allow the cycles of relationships and are not deterred by them. We allow the ups and downs and find deep meaning and wonder in all of it.