Have you ever been afraid to swim because you imagine there are all sorts of creatures and sharks and spooky stuff in the water?

The movie The Water Horse brings the story of the Loch Ness Monster to life. Angus, a young boy, stumbles upon a glowing egg while sifting through shells and rocks on an ocean shore. The egg hatches and Angus soon discovers the creature, named Crusoe, loves to swim and he puts Crusoe in a bathtub. Angus is eventually faced with a decision: to keep Crusoe at home, or to release him into the giant ocean.

I love the Celtic tale behind the water horse: only one exists at a time. When one egg hatches, it signifies that the last water horse has died. I can’t imagine being a water horse- it seems so lonely. My life feels like a constellation of other lives, an accumulation of souls. I can understand Angus’s dilemma- it is hard to let go of magical things I find in my life…I want to keep them close forever. But as I grow-up and release my Peter Pan clutch on certain things, I realize that there is a reason to let go of things…in a way, each time we let go of old seasons it’s like being released from a cage…and we encounter new life and higher meanings-