“‘Works of art concretize what remains ‘between’ the pure objects of science. Our everyday life-world consists of such ‘intermediary’ objects, and we understand that the fundamental function of art is to gather the contradictions and complexities of the life-world…the work of art helps man to dwell.”

Christian Norberg-Schulz

I have no picture of the fantastic Paper Boat installation I saw through the window of Parsons today. I can’t find it on their website. 😦 Perhaps I’ll try to sketch something…or maybe it will be there next week when I go to NYC, and I’ll have my camera ready.

The installation was basic: a fleet of simply folded paper boats of varying colors and prints. There were maybe 150 of them, all pointing the same direction. They formed an amorphous shape through the middle of the floor.

It was whimsical and it made me contemplate my emotional responses to art that strikes my core. It’s a pleasure-pain sensation, an experience of paradox. I want to leap into it and possess it, but I also feel distant and shielded from entering it- there is a wall between me and it. There is a deep longing to reach something that I cannot. I have to walk away with a vague footprint in my mind.