I used Jack Collom and Sheryl Noethe’s book Poetry Everywhere: Teaching poetry Writing in School and in the Community while doing a poetry unit with middle school students last year. It has so many fantastic ideas to inspire poetic writing.

My students loved the activities, e.g., He utilized Rube Goldburg’s inventions to create a style of poem that has contraption steps- (1) Take Cat and Put in Sling (2) Pull sling back and hook onto refrigerator door (3) Place basket of marshmallows across from scared kitty

It’s age appropriate, the reverse of stuffy and obscure, and fun.

I did many colorful and silly guided visualizations to accompany many activities and they ate that up, e.g., there’s a bulging pomagranate floating outside the window…window flies open…the pomogranate takes a peak in the room and then glides in and hovers over (insert student name)…eventually the wet seeds spill all over the student and bloom-