The Kindle and iphone Kindle app can annotate and highlight. I’ve read the Kindle can sync with the computer, transferring notes and highlighted text. The iphone, which I have, can’t.

Reading strategies, as evolved as they have become, have yet to wrap their tentacles into the digital age. We need to give some of them digital make-overs.

Some Ideas for the dreadful phrase “Mini-Lessons” Below

How to:

  • annotate digital information  (books, pdfs, Word docs, newspaper articles, photos, audio, etc.)
  • to sync Kindle with computer
  • to make folders, organize, and save digital information
  • to use online resources: dictionary, thesaurus, spell check, Grammar Girl, MLA Citation
  • use copyright and CC information
  • manipulate text- typography- for expression and meaning
  • publish and edit online
  • manipulate with web 2.0
  • use software such as Adobe Acrobat and InDesign
  • create art and writing, represent it digitally, and share it
  • zoom windows, screen, sections for enhanced vision, precision work, etc.
  • create digital notes
  • find desirable, reliable resources
  • copy, cut, paste
  • keyboard shortcuts

Some relevant research