Edward Lear

I’ve been reading Teaching The Best Practice Way:Teaching The Best Practice Way: Methods That Matter, K-12 by Harvey Daniels and Marilyn Bizar.

One method teachers can use to simplify writing assignments is to divide them into 2 categories: Journal and Genre.

Journal: “While they needn’t be literally contained within an official journal, notebook, sketchbook, or learning log, these entries have several features in common: they are short, spontaneous, expressive, informal, personal, unedited, and ungraded. Typically these drawings/writings are completed in two0 to five-minute bursts before, during, or at the end of a lesson or class session….they are systematically used during class as a springboard to activity.” (1721-1729)

Genre: “Representing in genres is more formal and extensive. ..genre writing is substantial, considered, and polished…in genre writing we work hard to meet the norms and requirements of the form we have chosen.” (1729-1737)