In Teaching The Best Practice Way:Teaching The Best Practice Way: Methods That Matter, K-12 by Harvey Daniels and Marilyn Bizar, Franki Sibberson discusses a method for organizing thinking tools, i.e., metacognitive reading strategies. What sets his method apart is that he considers students perspectives and individual needs. In addition to asking what tools we need to help us understand text and other phenomenon more deeply, he asks, “Which tools work best for you? Which tools work best for your classmates? Which tools cause problems? Which tools are right for which purposes?” (1333 – 1339)

To support student tool use he created a board in the classroom called “Tools for Thinking.” He says, “The board starts out blank, but as I conference with kids and meet with small groups, I monitor the use of tools and suggest that students share new tools as they emerge” and “[t]he board helps students to see that I want them to use and design tools that work to help them understand their reading.” (1354 – 1360)

The board also serves as a way to assess student use of strategies. Students share a variety of tools, e.g., use of charts to organize information, sticky notes to record emotions- each different color is a separate emotion, ways to track and process ideas.