I love this song by Frakkur (jón þor (jónsi) birgisson), entitled “Ammælisstrákur” (Birthday Guy) on the album Kitchen Motors Family Album. Lyric-less and ethereal-

Accompanying thread on Youtube: “a child trapped in a womans body…”—> “No, an ANGEL trapped in a man’s body . . .”—> “Genius.”—> “To jest coś pięknego (Polish: This is something beautiful).

NPR just featured a piece with Jónsi (lead singer and guitarist in Sigur Ros), “First Listen: Jonsi, ‘Go” by Bob Boilen. Jónsi talks about his youth and the music and instruments and people who influenced him. He dj’s a set with songs he listened to growing up. His new album Go can be listened to in its entirety.