I heard the band Pomplamoose perform on NPR this weekend. They are a d0-it-yourself-band, i.e., not signed by a record label. While some of their songs are covered, many are original and quite good. The two band members play multiple musical instruments and it’s WYSIWYG. “There’s no hidden sounds, there’s no lip-synching, there’s no overdubbing. What you see is what you hear,” Conte says. “Sometimes, there might be two or three Natalys harmonizing with herself, and then you’ll see those three videos juxtaposed together on the screen.'”

“I guess I kinda don’t like how there’s such a pedestal for music culture and especially for band culture,” he says. “It just feels fake; it feels like smoke and mirrors. I feel like music doesn’t have to be like that. It can be something that’s very normal and very accessible.”

“Pomplamoose: Making a Living on YouTube”

Great musicians. Good article.