Mankind is Kind, Austria 1995

Elizabeth Resnick from Massachusetts College of Art and Design curated this collection of AIDS awareness posters spanning 25 years- The Graphic Intervention. The collection depicts the story of AIDS, and particularly how the AIDS epidemic has been addressed by the global community. The graphic design industry has greatly affected awareness levels, and continues to. It’s incredible to track and see the progression of the disease, treatment, and awareness levels by studying posters-

Education about AIDS/Everybody's Business, Australia 1992

“This is an educational poster with the goal to inform viewers about the needle exchange program and the importance of safe sex. On one level the poster relies heavily on literal depiction, such as images of needles embedded within condom/petal like forms. The color-coded small circles identify the various groups that are available for help and counseling about AIDS education, surround this four petal form. Four flower shapes in the corner, representing the spread of good information, frame the circles. The circle itself symbolizes the medicine wheel, where no one is more prominent than any other person, and there is no beginning and no end, so that all words spoken are accepted and respected on an equal basis. The symbol of a flower represents an attainment of goals. The poster therefore reinforces its message through the use of both literal and symbolic iconography without confusing the viewer.”