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The Sundance film Beasts of the Southern Wild looks incredible. It opens in the end of June and I look forward to seeing it and writing more.


In The Art of Teaching Writing, Lucy McCormick Calkins talks about making poetry anthologies throughout each year with students. They can be organized by a variety of categories, e.g., themes and authors and environments, and they can be reorganized depending on mood, desired adjustments, etc. The idea is that making meaningful collections full of things we love and resonate with builds, or adds layers (or removes), to what is inside of us- the deep rich stuff.

Pinterest is the modern anthology. Today we have access to more in the world through the Internet: it’s our ship to wherever we want to go. We can track our adventures, gather ideas and knowledge, and go over it and filter it and share it through a digital board.

Making Pinterest boards, in some way, with students, would be wonderful. Poetry could be a section, as well as other teacher and student selected categories. Love it.

Not sure who made this for sourcing and appreciation, but I love it- I think students could make their own list, and design posters, well, to post-

I want to bring attention to the multiple PitBull organizations founded and tirelessly run by the amazing Chris Hughes. His organizations rescue, rehabilitate, and find “furever” homes for pitbulls. His incredible organization Thera-Pits has successfully been implementing a literacy program in schools in Ohio. I met him and he’s the real deal, totally fantastic and inspirational. His programs are FREE!

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Mankind is Kind, Austria 1995

Elizabeth Resnick from Massachusetts College of Art and Design curated this collection of AIDS awareness posters spanning 25 years- The Graphic Intervention. The collection depicts the story of AIDS, and particularly how the AIDS epidemic has been addressed by the global community. The graphic design industry has greatly affected awareness levels, and continues to. It’s incredible to track and see the progression of the disease, treatment, and awareness levels by studying posters-

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Cut 1998

Thanks to a lovely conversation with a teacher at The Renaissance Charter School in NYC, I am now growing familiar with the amazing work of Kara Walker. I love shadow and silhouette work, and Walker is quite the master at projecting both. Her work is full of energy, history, and story- I am looking forward to studying it more, and hopefully integrating her work into curriculum designs.

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These books are incredible- very well written! I can’t put them down and there is quite a buzz online about them and among friends and family. I’m really looking forward to the film- I hope the artwork in the movie is insane…on par with costumes like Jean Paul Gaultier did for Fifth Element-

"The Bitter End" by Bluefooted on Deviant Art

“Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”
― G.K. Chesterton

I think students would love to make graphic art combining themselves in a meaningful way with dragons.


I love maps inscribed in the beginning of books. Many fantasy books have them. They explode the imagination with new worlds and horizons.

The BBC has a piece on their website “The Beauty of Maps”. There are a range of maps, e.g., historical, digital.

This song and video are wonderful. uplifting. insightful. life-