Mankind is Kind, Austria 1995

Elizabeth Resnick from Massachusetts College of Art and Design curated this collection of AIDS awareness posters spanning 25 years- The Graphic Intervention. The collection depicts the story of AIDS, and particularly how the AIDS epidemic has been addressed by the global community. The graphic design industry has greatly affected awareness levels, and continues to. It’s incredible to track and see the progression of the disease, treatment, and awareness levels by studying posters-

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Cut 1998

Thanks to a lovely conversation with a teacher at The Renaissance Charter School in NYC, I am now growing familiar with the amazing work of Kara Walker. I love shadow and silhouette work, and Walker is quite the master at projecting both. Her work is full of energy, history, and story- I am looking forward to studying it more, and hopefully integrating her work into curriculum designs.

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“Ray Bradbury on how Disneyland humanized robots” by Lauren Davis on Embedded within this article on io9 is a link to an article Ray Bradbury wrote on the feats of Disneyland, particularly in the area of robotics. Some people, he claims, compare Disneyland to Las Vegas. He visited both, and reported that they are far from the same. Here is his article, “THE MACHINE-TOOLED HAPPYLAND” – October 1965.

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Art is a propellant in life, fuel for the imagination. The idea for some of these pieces came from, particularly Lauren Davis, staff writer for the site.


io9 writer Lauren Davis reports on illustrator the Gorgonist’s, aka Robin Kaplan, concept art in her article “Fancy girls dress up as Droids, Daleks, and Death Stars”. These playful and smart pieces are available on Etsy.

For class, I think these pieces will serve as incredible models and inspirations for student work: adaptations and fusions, illustrated and writing.

Nelly Lambert writes an interesting piece on her scholarly work about Emily Dickinson. Apparently she was quite the baker, and this hobby leaked into her poetry. “A Coconut Cake From Emily Dickinson: Reclusive Poet, Passionate Baker