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io9 writer Cyriaque Lamar wrote a piece “In the 1870s, Charles Darwin was the theme of a downright deranged Mardi Gras parade” which directs us to Tulane University’s Louisiana Research Collection of Mardi Gras costume and float designs. Here is the Darwin collection, which mocked Reconstruction, and manipulated Darwin’s theories to suggest certain people were subspecies, or part animal.


Art is a propellant in life, fuel for the imagination. The idea for some of these pieces came from, particularly Lauren Davis, staff writer for the site.

io9 writer Lauren Davis reports on illustrator the Gorgonist’s, aka Robin Kaplan, concept art in her article “Fancy girls dress up as Droids, Daleks, and Death Stars”. These playful and smart pieces are available on Etsy.

For class, I think these pieces will serve as incredible models and inspirations for student work: adaptations and fusions, illustrated and writing.