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The Sundance film Beasts of the Southern Wild looks incredible. It opens in the end of June and I look forward to seeing it and writing more.


This video is a few years old, but I want to post it because there are so many ways this piece could be integrated into curriculums. It’s a springboard for deep questioning-

“A close encounter between two mechanical cog-people speeding smoothly in ice-skating motions down metal tracks, falling apart and rejoining, seeking a way to be together in a world where paths are narrow, mistakes are fatal, and there is no way back.” NYICFF. Gorgeous film….for all my friends who like moving through life on wheels as much as possible-

Life Line – Életvonal

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Twist and Shout by U900

Thomas Friedman from Discovery Channel looks at outsourcing to India.

Charles Duhigg and Keith Bradsher from the New York Times discussed this issue further in their article this week, “How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work.” President Barack Obama asked Steve Jobs why the iphone is built abroad, and not in America, where jobs could be provided for Americans. The problem is quite complex, and in the end, innovation and an ideal labor force is found in other countries.


Incredible cities with slides and stairs and rooms and castles made of ice-